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Double Happiness Jeans Redux
on 04/11/08 |
Way back when Double Happiness Jeans was announced as manufacturing its jeans inside of Second Life using avatar workers, I suggested in a number of places including Business Communicators of Second Life ( that this kind of employment remains subject to real life workplace laws including minimum wage, benefits, pension, etc. Double Happiness was, of course, compensating avatars at the rate of, I believe, L200 an hour (or about .90$) plus a parcel of virtual land.

Well, turns out the whole Double Happiness effort was meant for a film to be presented at Sundance "Invisible Threads" on 10 Simple Steps to your very own Virtual Sweatshop with Telematic Manufacturing.

Congratulations to the "Invisible Threads" team. And, those of you who 'employ' greeters, etc in Second Life be warned.
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